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24 Hour Emergency Response Testing (Facility, Our Office, E/R, M/V, ect.)

Medical Review Officer

Global Safety & Security, Inc. utilizes their own in house Medical Review Officers (MROs) to service only GLOBAL Clients. All GLOBAL MROs are certified and have been involved in the medical field for many years. GLOBAL’s Medical Director is Joseph Gautreaux, M.D. and successfully operates several locations, specializing in otolaryngology and chemical dependence programs.

What Does an MRO Do?

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) is an individual who interprets results of a drug test. The MRO has a medical degree and has the training to review the urinalysis test result reported by the testing lab to ensure a scientifically valid result. The MRO works in the best interest of both the participant and the company the participant works for. When a participant is reported as positive on a drug test the only person authorized to speak to the donor about his/her result is the MRO. The MRO is also the only person who can overturn a positive result, reporting it as a negative when the individual has a valid medical explanation for his or her positive test result.

Global Safety & Security, Inc.’s Medical Review Officers

Dr. Joseph Gautreaux
Joseph H. Gautreaux, M.D. was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended and graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in 1975. He completed a post graduate Internship at Charity Hospital of New Orleans and did his residency at the LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Gautreaux specialization is in Otolaryngology and he has been practicing medicine for more than 35 years.

He joined the GLOBAL team in 2009 as an MRO. He has been certified by the AAMRO and, like all of our MROs, remains in good standing. He is currently a member of the New Orleans ENT Society and American Board of Otolaryngology.

Global Safety & Security, Inc.’s Medical Review Officer Assistant

While the MRO does the critical tasks such as donor interview, the MRO Assistant is a valuable and essential tool for a busy MRO office. That is why GLOBAL requires specific training, certification, and testing through DATIA to qualify our MRO Assistants. These crucial procedures are essential to ensure that every facet of the laws are completely followed, documentation of same is maintained and refreshes the assistants with D.O.T., Company, State, and Federal law requirements.